Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Internet of Things may change the life of people

If every things around us will be connected to the cloud, strict controls can be implemented. Furthermore, if AI will be on control with these connected things, great things will happen. But how can we sure everything will be fine.

Malware can destroy software and hackers can penetrate to any systems and this is not exclusive to things connected to the internet. To asure of your peaceful mind, you must choose the right software, things to be controlled and still have real humans to consult.

Within the present technological advancement, some have applied IoT and AI to accomplish extraordinary jobs that humans are doing including financial analysis, research and customer relation management. With AI and IoT, you can use your mobile to access cloud connected things and collect data from it.

While thinking the benefits of IoT, we must think that these are still machines and only for human benefits if carefully used.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Basics of Using Colors & Graphics to Create Warmth


How do colors and graphics affect your website? The effect is a bit like an office. Imagine a client coming into your office. Before they even have a chance to gauge your business or your character, they're already making judgments based on the cleanliness and design of your space.

Your colors and graphics work in much the same way. It doesn't necessarily reflect on the quality of your product, but the reader will still make decisions about your credibility, reliability and professionalism based just on your colors and graphics.

These aren't conscious decisions. They're subconscious, subtle feelings of trust or distrust.

Here are basics of what you need to know about choosing colors and graphics to build credibility.

The Basics of Using Color

First of all, it's a good idea to have one primary color and one adjacent color. Sometimes a site can do well with just one color or three colors, but it's usually best to never have more than three colors.

The colors you choose should be similar enough that they're soothing to the eye. The colors need to fit well together to create one smooth design.

However, two colors shouldn't be so similar that they clash. Two different shades of green, or a light green and a light yellow, for example, are just too similar. It creates strain on the eye.

Contrast or opposing colors should be used with care. It's okay to use opposing colors or high contrast to bring attention to one or two elements. But it is less effective as an overall color scheme.

Use neutral colors like black, white and grey liberally. Just like how white space is half the picture in graphic design, your neutral colors are half the picture in color selection.

Use your one to three colors with moderation, to sprinkle feeling throughout your website. The rest of your website should be neutral. Don't try to color everything.

The Two Rules for Graphics

These are the two rules for graphics:

1. Don't have too many graphics.
2. Each graphic must be highly professional.

In any given article or page, just have one graphic, maybe two. In your header, you only need one graphic. The same applies to just about anything else in your website.

Too many graphics takes power away from each graphic. The best designs use just a few powerful graphics, rather than a bunch of graphics that all detract from one another.

Each graphic needs to be very carefully chosen. It should be color corrected and its contrast balanced in a photo editing program. Make it a crisp photo, taken from a great angle.

In short, the photo should convey professionalism, credibility and quality.

It takes discipline in the beginning to put fewer graphics on a site. But that's what it'll take to really create a great-looking website.

Those are the basics of using colors and graphics in your site. Remember - your colors and graphics are like your office. They set your first impression before they even evaluate your product or offer.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Finding the Right Customers on Social Media through Digital Infrastructures


Even though you can acquire likes and follows using online advertising, the right followers will make conversions in the right time and appropriate cost. Social media followers will explore your digital infrastructures including websites, blogs, applications and online reputation assets to make necessary decisions.

Your infrastructures should be in its extreme optimization mode to attract people to convert into customers. Slow hosting or coded websites may distract audiences to gather information about your products. Fixing this will lessen your effort in marketing or information campaign up to 60% and have positive results through extended time.

Digital infrastructures can be built the right way to effectively used for marketing, business activity and communications. To have assurance in everything, you must consult the right people or have access to websites that have appropriate training about building it.

Find Content Curation to speed up gathering digital materials. Popular hosting is not enough to assure that you will have no problems operating your websites. It is also recommended to put on the list every local experts in their own expertise.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Content creation for mini website

Although small, mini website function depends on its purpose and goal. So contents for generating mini websites rely on its purpose. It can function as a doorway to marketing activity, information drive, downloading of applications or online gaming.

So contents will become wide array of options. But how if a part of your contents is hard to find because you lack the knowledge or has not been related to your expertise. For example digital or ha drawn illustration has been a great content to express your motives to your audience. Its visual appeal becomes an eye capture component of the sight for audience to become interested.

Just observe info graphics and notice its illustrations as the most interesting component to explain something to the audience. To get one off illustration, you can hire illustrators from some freelancing sites.

Another components of a mini sites includes photos, videos, audio recordings, podcast, ebooks and animation graphics. Of course the articles and textual contents are very crucial as it communicates to any possible viewers.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Why use Wordpress for business website

Business website whether for small or big companies will always be a doorway to marketing move. The site as access by people has an impact to the company's product and reputation. Big companies can create a website with huge amount of information and a complex web application available online for public or intranet use.

Even big companies has big digital infrastructures, one of those will surely be specifically for blog or marketing use. By establishing a Wordpress site for landing pages for marketing or information campaign, it can be a component of the whole business operation. Big companies and small businesses will always use Wordpress for a reason positively proven by many people in business.

One reason is its convenience and flexibility to create such tools for effective information blasting and the best marketing platform component. Wordpress has so many hooks to create functions fit for various purposes like information gathering and web talks essential to any business operation.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

How digital marketing becomes difficult

Digital marketing is easy to learn. However, the complexity of its infrastructure is technically difficult. If you are a marketing manager and have to rely partly in digital marketing, you should hire a technically incline staff to execute your plan. Digital marketing still relies on marketing principle but with the help of web automation and fast tracking capability of web analytics.

The combination of technical know how in marketing and the operation of digital infrastructure by your technical men will actually make your marketing plan a big magic. This is in a careful planning and sufficient information gathering. The wide array of market opportunities and choosing which should work becomes most difficult when the digital marketing method is not fit. It may waste your money and resources.

Building your digital ecosystem

Every business now has to compete with competitors at the rate of fast profit generation to survive itself. Know-how of any business is not enough to run it a traditional way. Innovation can boost it double or triple the expected.

In the age of the digital tools, your competitor may have adopt some method in a digital way. Equipment, softwares and digital infrastructure can save your company's operation in time or financial cost. For example, online billing and digital marketing has actually save time and cost to any business in present generation and will continue to evolve.

You have to become knowledgeable of this new trends to compete with any competitors or future competitors. Lack of knowledge with new things becomes a danger to your business if this will be the best opportunity of your competitor.

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