Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adobe® SocialAnalytics — The business of social media



Adobe® SocialAnalytics is the first social media analytics solution to measure the impact of social media on business. It enables marketers to directly measure their social media efforts, and understand how conversations on social networks and online communities influence marketing performance. Using Adobe SocialAnalytics, marketers can manage their strategy and investments in social media based on measurable outcomes and in the context of broader, multichannel marketing efforts.
Adobe SocialAnalytics removes the guesswork associated with social media engagement, and replaces it with strategies and experimentation built on insight.

Business challenge

Marketers can't answer the question, "What is the business impact of social media?" They have difficulty with social media measurement of both the results of their social media efforts, and the impact of conversations happening on social networks and in online communities. Current solutions can't provide the answers that marketers need because they are disconnected from the systems that measure business performance. To analyze social media data, marketers must merge data from disparate tools using slow and manual processes that ultimately deliver little insight. As a result, marketers are managing social media programs in isolation and without the business context that makes social media data actionable.


Adobe SocialAnalytics connects social media to business results by integrating social media analytics, measurement, and monitoring with multichannel analytics. It captures conversations happening on social networks and in online communities and correlates their impact with key business metrics such as revenue and brand value. It also directly measures the interactions businesses have with their customers in social media, including how Facebook posts drive site visitors and purchase behavior. Adobe SocialAnalytics enables marketers to use social data as an input to optimizing interactions with their customers and prospects across marketing channels.

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