Saturday, June 6, 2015

Wordpress Simple Applications that Help Small Business

Depending on what kind of web application a business need, Wordpress has a lot to offer such as building simple application from its framework capability. WP is actually a CMS that has flexibility of tweaking its functionality to build simple applications.

If a restaurant needs an online ordering system which will not only collect "orders" but also intended to acquire more information from customers, then WP can sufficiently patches this hole. With Custom Post Type, customizing the WP contents can also enabling the chance of collecting custom information. If the restaurant will collect information which if customer fill up an online form which also an ordering system, this would send the desired information to database, email and post it on admin panel. In this process, no complex things happens in the procedures and only the Wordpress backend do the responsibilities so behind activity merely is invisible to the users and to the site owner.

Wordpress developers know much about the capacity of its functionality. With the rapid development method, developer can create simple and useful web application out of WP framework. The principle makes it very interesting because the cause of development has been matching to the small business owners to have these applications with cheaper cost that also can improve their productivity.

Given by example, a booking application for an event company has been very useful that the company can have less spending on manually contacting every customers by phone or email. I had once use POD plugins to create custom applications using WP as framework. POD has to offer a lot of capability to create custom post fields, custom post types and interestingly can enable field information saved on database.

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