Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Are PrestaShop Themes?


This themes are specifically created for use in Prestashop software. The skin is customized to fit to any desirable colors and arrangement for an online store.  Giving a look of professionalism, Prestashop templating is harder than Joomla for it uses OOP codes and designer must not only tweak the CSS but review the php codes used inside the Prestashop codings. Unlike Wordpress which built and develop codes such as Wordpress codex which the foundation have created bunch of codes to implement theme tweaking.

Prestashop has several modules ad block of codes with CSS and .TPL language. This method will separate blocks of layout in the interface and made it into modules to change it separately. So when you want to change the Menu block, the separate codes of css and .tpl can be seen in style/modules folder.

Making themes for Prestashop is vital to harmonize the interface of the online store according to the products sold. The flaws to built such idea that does not relate to the products being sold do not gain any appreciation to buyers and the preliminary judgement for the company may be lower than the expected.

You can make it simple, but you are selling online and people might think how big is your company or how can they trust that online store. Prestashop has a module for "Testimonials" and it was built as expected. This means that credibility starts with the online interface of the Prestashop store.

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