Friday, November 30, 2012

Engadget Podcast 318 - 11.30.2012


Engadget Podcast 318 - 11.30.2012
Nov 30th 2012, 16:11

It's the Border Run edition of the Engadget Podcast: no, Tim isn't sneaking over the US - Canada fence, seeking a better life for his children up north and being hunted by self-appointed Royal Canadian Mounted Border Protection agents. He's just trying to get his paws on the hottest new gaming gear; meanwhile Brian and recently-returned-from-the-wilderness Engadgeteer Barb Dybwad are making a run for the gates of London to get their paws on the hottest new Black Eyed Peas / Zeiss-branded Otterbox. Allow us to explain, won't you, by clicking that play button.
Hosts: Tim Stevens, Brian Heater
Guest: Barb Dybwad
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Orbital - Never
02:09 - Engadget's next reader meetup is in New York City tomorrow! More tickets available!
05:30 - Nintendo makes Wii Mini official: currently exclusive to Canada, launches December 7th for $100
11:00 - Nintendo Wii U North American sales top 400K in first week
13:15 - Nintendo president 'very sorry' for the Wii U's frustrating set-up process
21:55 - Microsoft pegs Windows Phone 7.8 update for early 2013 arrival
25:00 - 40 million Windows 8 licenses sold in a month; meanwhile, mum's the word on Surface sales
28:00 - Microsoft selling four times as many Windows Phones as a year ago, won't say what that means
33:30 - iTunes 11 now available to download: fresh design, more iCloud features
36:25 - Acer C7 Chromebook review: Chrome OS on the cheap, but at what cost?
40:40 - Will.i.am launches pricey i.am+ camera add-ons for iPhone, we go hands on (video)

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