Monday, November 26, 2012

HTC opens store-within-a-store in Germany, hopes it's your One-stop shop


HTC tests storewithinastore in Germany, wants to be notsoquietly brilliant at retail

Electronics giants who want to compete for retail attention but can't always justify a full presence have a common trick: open a mini store. Apple did it, Microsoft did it, and Samsung virtually based the Galaxy S III launch on it. HTC is next at bat. While it has its own stores in Asia and parts of Europe, the smartphone designer is trying out a store-within-a-store at the giant Saturn-Markt shop in Hamburg, Germany. Swing by and you can buy or test a device like the One X+ or Windows Phone 8X alongside accessories -- including Beats headphones, naturally -- with dedicated staff to help. HTC didn't immediately have details of larger plans when we reached out, but there's talk at MyDrivers of further such stores as well as seminars that would help make sense out of Sense. There's no guarantee that HTC will benefit from carving out its own retail space in what's often considered hostile territory; even so, the move can't hurt when the company is fighting for relevancy.

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