Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hasloo.com Potential Offers

EBusiness has been a trend for consumers now called iConsumers -- have behavior far from the traditional shopping habits. Even using phone devices and tablets, they tend to buy online for convenience. Like those of popular store Hasloo.com that was existed for 6 years, has on the road serving iConsumers to deliver tangible and non-tangible products right to their door and emails.

Hasloo.com products comes from Hong Kong warehouse with thousand of square meters secure warehouse ready to deliver the products. It has digital products like ebooks and softwares to instantly download right on the Hasloo.com online shop.

The site called Hasloo.com Mall is planning to offer unique services for the paid Members. It has Premium membership called Bronze and Gold which has special privileges different form non-paid members. The team is planning the "Exclusive Rooms" and "Private Events". Like ordinary supermarket or mall, being an online mall is different but the principle is the same only it has to be virtual in form.

Hasloo.com Exclusive Rooms is a virtual location on their web which Gold members can meet or download applications needed for their business. They can send messages to Gold members with anything they can offer or express via the Exclusive Rooms.

While Private Events available for both Bronze and Gold members is a virtual events that ca be watched online exclusive to them. It can be a series of videos or live recording of various things which they may have keen interest.

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