Sunday, August 25, 2013

How Much is iPhone 5

IPhone 5 is hot selling items on the net. It will cost you around $650-$800 to purchase this kind of phone.

How can you make big savings buying this phone? You can buy it online and save time and money from your gasoline and travel. Even a 3-5 days waiting is worth. Hasloo.com cost for Iphone 5 is $700 which is competitive and can deliver to you anywhere in the world.

How about technical help or repair services. You can search for official Apple service center in your place and ask for help for your damage iPhone. If the damage is cause by manufacturing defects, Apple will give you FREE repair and services. So it is important that you are buying iPhone from store or online store with original Apple versions like Hasloo.com.

Hasloo.com iPhone 5 comes from Apple manufacturing plant and official  dealers so you can feel confident that it will guarantee you for any problems that may arise.

Author: Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia is a Web Developer from Manila and a web technology expert.

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