Saturday, August 24, 2013

iPhone 5

Imagine using your phone for the whole day with WIFI open. That's the thing for a mobile phone become more attractive to users and that's the iPhone 5 has now. The endurance rating of its battery is 51 hours which is enough to enjoy your phone in any event and time of your day. It may happen that you have to do crucial use of this phone in an emergency situation or for a long travel. And oh, you can play the music for 40 hours and I hope you will not take that long listening music and merely that. With audio quality of Noise -91.3dB / Crosstalk -76.5dB, you can hear any music you want in best quality incomparable to any existing phone.

What about I like to read PDF ebooks while I'm on a park. Several phones can do that but how long does a PDF open on your phone? iPhone 5 has iBooks PDF reader with fast rendering of pages without getting you bored everytime you hit a page.

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