Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What online stores are trusted in the Philippines?

Years ago, it's hard to build online stores for Filipino buyers. The impressions always who should be trusted even though the stores put all things on the site that shows how to trust this site. Even the site is a legal business, online shoppers can doubt the sites reputation and potential bad service. Do you notice an online store just located on a Facebook page have several customers? This maybe a thing Filipino has in phenomenal behavior which is personalized approach.

Until the web has change and every year technologies change. Zalora, Lazada or Hasloo.com depends on Filipinos personal approach on online shopping experience. Trust is more than enough to prove that online store would works. Anybody cannot notice that an online store can have cheaper pricing than a physical stores. This is due to business operating expenses that may incurred by online store. It was prove that they have in common which is to sell something that is useful and to have a sale.

This is why Filipinos should understand that online shopping should be learned well and know how online shopping has greater advantage like convenience and time management. If you try just one transaction on an online store or merely buy small price products and see what happen, how the products will arrive at your home.

This is why it becomes difficult for an online website to be trusted by Filipinos. Lazada has big spending on advertising and have to create traditional ad videos like a SM, Robinsons and other big physical stores make.

Explaining too broad about this matter might lose your attention but to tell something worth, I study what actually worth when it comes to buying things. I went to popular malls, dirty corner of Manila like Divisoria, Avenida and Carriedo. I even went to Greenhills and this is to see how pricing actually has these stores. I collected pricelist on different online stores to prove how much they are competitive. I also try to shop something from them -- offline and online.

The result is not too much far from being what is the best. They both have pricing with minimal difference. You will experience different things for both shopping online or offline. The dirty corners of Manila even has no guarantee that products are cheaper. What I proved from my research, several products comes from the same manufacturers. Besides, Filipinos always doubt the fake brands. Why? Because they are not taught how the original brands look and how it will be inspected.


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