Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Internet of Things may change the life of people

If every things around us will be connected to the cloud, strict controls can be implemented. Furthermore, if AI will be on control with these connected things, great things will happen. But how can we sure everything will be fine.

Malware can destroy software and hackers can penetrate to any systems and this is not exclusive to things connected to the internet. To asure of your peaceful mind, you must choose the right software, things to be controlled and still have real humans to consult.

Within the present technological advancement, some have applied IoT and AI to accomplish extraordinary jobs that humans are doing including financial analysis, research and customer relation management. With AI and IoT, you can use your mobile to access cloud connected things and collect data from it.

While thinking the benefits of IoT, we must think that these are still machines and only for human benefits if carefully used.


Anonymous said...

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keerthana said...

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UbiBot said...

Internet of Things is really changed the life of people. It is used in every field of work whether it is domestic, biomedical control system, automobiles, smart cities, connected cities and many more.

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